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Founded in 2005 to provide market intelligence in
paper, print, and packaging, Market-Intell was re-
branded as Biobased Markets in 2018 and is now
focused on biobased materials, especially

See Jack Miller at Smithers Pira
Specialty Papers Europe Conference and
Nanocellulose Workshop,
Vienna,  April 20-22, 2022.

Now available from Fasmarkets RISI:
Nanocellulose: Packaging Applications
and Markets

For a short video about this important market study

Asian mills are beginning to explore the use of
nanocellulose in paper and board
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Now available from TAPPI: two volume set by
Jack Miller

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A Guide for End Users

Nanocellulose Challenges and Opportunities:
End User Perspectives

Also available from Fastmarkets RISI:

Nanocellulose: Technology, Applications and

Lignin: Technology, Applications, and Markets

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