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Founded in 2005 to provide market intelligence in
paper, print, and packaging, Market-Intell was
re-branded as Biobased Markets in 2018 and is
now focused on biobased materials, especially

Jack Miller is Principal Consultant, Market-Intell LLC,
which he founded in 2005 and re-branded as Biobased
Markets in 2018.

Jack is also an Associate Consultant with RISI and a
member of the Advisory Board of Sweetwater Energy, a
biorefinery company. Jack served as Business
Development Consultant with CelluForce, Inc., from 2011
to 2013, and was Consulting Manager, Global
Nanocellulose Sales, American Process, Inc., in 2014 and

Jack is the author of Nanocellulose: Technology,
Applications, and Markets, published by RISI in 2014,
and Lignin: Technology, Applications, and Markets
published by RISI in 2017. He is also the author of
Nanocellulose Producers, Products and Applications, A
Guide for End Users, published by TAPPI in 2017, and
Nanocellulose Challenges and Opportunities: End User
Perspectives, published by TAPPI in 2018. Prior to 2005
Jack enjoyed a long career in the pulp and paper industry,

Jack is currently working on a new study of markets for
nanocellulose in packaging, which will be available from
RISI in the next few months.
Biobased Markets