June 15,   2005
Volume I   Issue 9


In the first issue of MarketIntellibits I wrote about my favorite question:
WHY?  Why do your customers buy what they buy? (Click here to read that

In this issue I’ll talk about another of my favorite questions:
HOW?   How do
customers decide? And if you knew that, what would that knowledge mean
for you?

•        Would you like to spend your time and effort where it will have the
greatest impact on sales?
•        Do you want to know when and how you are most likely to impact a
purchase decision?
•        Do you want to know what sales and marketing initiatives have the
greatest impact on purchase decisions?
•        Do you want to identify key decision steps?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then
may be able to help you improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of
your marketing and sales efforts.

You have a sales team; you do advertising. Perhaps you also do direct mail
and tele-marketing.  There may be sampling programs, loyalty programs,
distributor incentive programs.

Do you measure the effectiveness of these tools? Should you put all your
money on the one that is most effective, or is there synergy between these
initiatives? What’s the right marketing mix? Do you know, or do you just do
what’s always been done and “tweak” the mix by gut feel?

There’s got to be a better way. Fortunately, there is.

Decision Process Analysis is an approach to identifying the process that
customers go through in making a purchase decision, including
identification of the optimum points of intervention for marketing and sales
efforts to impact the brand decision.

Working with one of  it’s Strategic Alliances,
MarketIntell is able to provide
marketing research focused on the creation of knowledge to help insure the
success of new initiatives, including such business challenges as new
products, new business ventures, corporate and brand repositioning and
other new opportunities or threats that your business may face in today’s
rapidly changing competitive environment.  

Through a collaborative process that focuses on you and the needs of your
MarketIntell actively seeks appropriate out-of-the-box solutions
tailored to your business.  

If you don’t know how your customers make their decision, and don’t really
know how your marketing efforts play into the decision process, you need
to. If your marketing budget is as little as $2 million, and you improve it’s
effectiveness by 10%, you can reduce your spending by $200,000 per year.
The impact is even greater if you keep your marketing budget and use the
efficiency gain to generate more sales.

What’s that worth to you?   

To get a free PowerPoint presentation and learn more about Decision
Process Analysis send email:

Or call Jack Miller at 203 925 0326.

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