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February,  2007
Volume III   Issue 2

"The Ultimate Marketing Challenge"
by Jack Miller

Have you looked for a job recently? I mean really looked? Not just putting
out a few feelers, or talking to a recruiter, but an honest to goodness, full-
time, 9 to 5 effort? No, make, that a 7 to 7 effort?

If you have, you know that you need to do the total marketing job. First, you
need to do all the hard market intelligence work: research, segmentation,
benchmarking, identifying your unique selling proposition. Then you need to
articulate your message, communicate it, deliver it in person (sales call, or
in this case interview), and then close the sale (i.e. get the job).   

If you looked for a job, did you simply call a couple of recruiters? Send a
mass mailing?  Answer a few ads? Or did you think about what industry you
were interested in (segmentation)? What companies in that industry
(segmentation)?   Do your homework on those companies (research)?
Identify the right contacts (research)?  Identify what skills you have that
would fit their needs (USP)? Understand how you compare with your
competition and how to differentiate yourself (benchmarking)?

Did you develop a resume that highlighted your achievements? Did you
segment your market with different resumes for different positions? Did you
further segment your market with different cover letters for different

The marketing communication challenge is enormous. This is one of the
most difficult communications challenges many people ever face.  A two
page resume. A one page letter. A one minute elevator speech.  Each of
which must tell your story – not your whole story, of course, just the part
that matters.

How do you write a one page cover letter? Start with four pages and edit,
edit, edit…

But don’t take out anything important.

I think it was Lincoln who said, when congratulated on an excellent speech,
that is was a twenty minute speech because he didn’t have enough time to
write a ten minute speech.

Not only do you need to figure out what you want to say, but you also have
to figure out to say it precisely and concisely.

But now to the real point of this discussion: most of you have been through
this, and know about the need for such high quality market intelligence and
communication in a job search – but do you put this to use in your day to
day business? Do you do the market research to know what drives your
market? Do you ask my favorite question: “What do they buy and why?” Do
you segment your markets, and if you do, do you get beyond “small,
medium, and large” and get to “what do they buy and why” so that you can
target your message through segmentation?

Is your message like the one page cover letter and the elevator speech? Or
is it more like a compendium of everything everyone might want to know
about what you’re selling, so it’s in there just in case? And again, have you
done the work up front so you even know what to say and who to say it to?

The job search really is the ultimate marketing experience. We can’t help
you find a job, but we can help you do the marketing job. For more
information call Jack Miller at  203 925 0326 or

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